Handcrafted Australian timber pen specialists

Handcrafted Australian timber pens, pencils and letter openers by Brisbane locals Brad and Rochelle Melville

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We are handcrafted Australian timber pen specialists. Our wooden pens are created to inspire confidence and creativity. Within every step of our pen design and creation process we leave our personal fingerprints. Every piece of rough timber is scrutinised through our objective: to handcraft functional and aesthetic writing implements that stand out. We take time to search for the beauty and highlight the quirks within each individual piece of wood. Every saw cut is carefully incised to ensure the grain, colour and clarity of the wood is highlighted. Sometimes it's the perfectly 'imperfect' bits that makes our pens and pencils, fountain pens and letter openers so unique and beautiful. Every wood item is meticulously handcrafted in our north Brisbane workshop by us. We don't rush, we allow each piece of wood tell its individual story. We incorporate salvaged and reclaimed timber such as broken or discarded vintage furniture as much as possible into our artisan pieces. We love it when we find timber with a past life, a hidden story that needs renewing. We have upcycled wood from items such as a piano, rocking chair, dressing table, house frame, jetty, rolling pin and a cricket bat. And we would be delighted to create a custom timber pen from your own wood that holds cherished memories and handcraft your family a timber legacy.

We are a husband and wife team, both of us are passionate, artisan woodworkers creating bespoke writing implements to the highest standards.

Our ethos is foundational in everything we do.

Unrivalled quality; our workmanship distinguishes us. We embrace a meticulous thirteen step sanding process and use ten coats of CA to highlight the simple, innate beauty of the timber; our finish is unrivalled in shininess, smoothness and durability.

We live and work slow and small; we are meticulous with every step in our wood-to-pen process. We thoughtfully choose each piece of rough timber and take time to cut each timber blank to size while maintaining the uniqueness of each piece of wood. We take particular pride in handcrafting limited edition pens such as our Story Wood Collection.

We tread lightly on the earth; we endeavour to create our wood products using salvaged, and sustainable timber wherever possible. We dispose of all manufacturing waste and off cuts thoughtfully. We present, package and display our products using sustainable and recycled options.

We support local and Australian; we source local and Australian made wherever possible. We offer only Australian made acrylic blanks and specialise in promoting and using Australian timbers. We advocate and support many small businesses throughout our entire design, manufacture and marketing of our pens, pencils and letter openers.

We live as intentional creatives; we believe creativity is innate and when nurtured and unleashed, it helps change the world. We believe using a beautifully handcrafted pen or pencil helps inspire creativity and scribes the future.

Lathe and Chisel is a family business and we pride ourselves in our customer care. We love interacting with you and can be found at: The Riverside at the Gardens Market every Sunday, Eumundi Markets every Wednesday and the Young Designers Market on the first Sunday of the month. Stay in touch with us on instagram and Facebook to catch us at various popup and bespoke markets.


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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia