Meet the Makers

we are specialist pen makers

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Brad and Rochelle are the artisan woodworkers who are the intentional creatives behind Lathe & Chisel. Lathe & Chisel constantly seeks to be incorporating new designs and learning innovative woodworking techniques. Brad spends his days covered in wood shavings, two hands on the chisel coaxing pens out of rough timber. 

"There is nothing more satisfying than to create something with my hands. The thing I love most about working with

 wood is witnessing the timber be totally transformed. A raw and broody, rough chopped log becomes a smooth, svelte,

 glossy creation boasting intricate grains, knots, burls and cracks.  I love that every wooden pen we create is unique."

Rochelle is the woodworking sidekick. She is studying full time and works part time for Lathe & Chisel cutting lumber into pen blanks, laminating timbers for limited edition pens, sourcing and salvaging timbers as well as drilling, gluing, milling and pressing turned timber bits into pens and pencils. She works happily behind the scenes as head of design, marketing and doing the admin. One of Rochelle's favourite quotes is "Do what you love, love what you do."

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia