Wooden Workshop Sketch Pencil - Ironbark Timber

    The Workshop Sketch pencil has a sleek, bold form, and is ultra comfortable in the hand.

    This attractive and functional Workshop Sketch Pencil features hard wearing chrome fittings. This unique pencil is equally at home in the workshop, man cave or an artist's hand. It is a clutch mechanical pencil with a thick lead that can be sharpened as it wears away and then replaced. This pencil has a wide comfortable wooden body approximately 1.3mm at its widest section.

    The extra thick (5.6mm x 80mm) 2B (approx) round lead resists breaking and is held firmly in place by a four-jaw collet at the bottom of the pencil mechanism. Just push on the spring-loaded top of the pencil and the collet opens so you can advance or retract the lead to the desired length. The top, when unscrewed from the pencil, features an internal sharpener to renew the point. Included in this listing is one 5.6mm lead. You can purchase additional pencil leads below.

    BONUS: This pencil converts to a pen. Simply remove the pencil lead by releasing the collet jaws, insert the pen refill and close the collet jaws. This listing does not include a pen refill, you can purchase a mini-pen refill below.

    This wooden pencil is created by an artisan who hand turns each pencil on a wood lathe in North Brisbane. Using a meticulous thirteen step sanding process and 10 coats of CA we highlight the simple, innate beauty of the timber and create an exceptional, super glossy and durable finish. The natural uniqueness in the woodgrain and timber colour variations, means that each wooden pen we create is one of a kind.

    This Workshop Sketch Pencil is turned from ironbark timber. Ironbark is a distinctive Australian hardwood that is prized for its strength and durability. The heartwood is a deep dark red to red-brown with a fine texture. Indigenous Australians used ironbark timber to make clapsticks, spear throwers and boiled its bark for treating sores. It is a heavy and dense timber and difficult to work with but makes stunning and durable decking, flooring and outdoor framing. Industrial applications include shipbuilding (keel, framing, planking), wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, piles and poles. Ironbark was reputedly used in the hulls of early ice-breaker ships, carriage building, croquet mallets, gymnastic parallel bars and bowling ninepins. 

    The Workshop Sketch pencil comes in a quality black presentation box.

    Need it personalised? We personalise timber pens, pencils and pen boxes. Type the exact word or initials needed along with your font suggestion in the text box provided. We will contact you to confirm your engraving prior to it being laser engraved. Please specify if the pencil engraving is for a left or right hander.

    Need it gift wrapped and posted direct to someone? Add the name and address of the receiver in the text box, we will gift wrap and send on your behalf. The package will include the senders name (yours) but will not include an invoice.

    We are handcrafted Australian timber pen specialists. We would be pleased to design and turn you a bespoke pen, pencil or letter opener. You can even supply your own wood that holds precious memories.

    The Stratus pencil makes a great gift for:

    Artists and designers, architects and draughtsman, tattoo artists, illustrators, planners, list makers, graduation gift

    PLEASE NOTE: We are bespoke pen makers and often custom make every order. Though we try to anticipate pen and pencil orders and have all our fittings in stock, on occasions some fittings are not in stock. It may occasionally take up to 3 weeks from the date you place your order if we have to order the fittings from the United States. We will always let you know if we are out of stock when you place your order and give you an estimated date of completion. Please let us know if your pen order is urgent. If you have any questions please shoot us through an email or phone Brad on 0402 750 677.

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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia