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Warm Regards Rochelle and Brad (formerly Lathe and Chisel)

We are very excited to finally release a new range of beautiful timber for custom pen orders. Our new timber is New Guinea Rosewood is very special because it has an Australian celebrity connection, but be warned we only have a limited supply of this gorgeous wood.

So without further ado, let us introduce: beautiful New Guinea Rosewood timber off cuts from Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan's bed. The story goes that a local Australian master furniture maker named Peter was commissioned to custom make a timber bed for Russell Crowe who was romantically involved with Meg Ryan at the time (1999 - 2001). Upon completion of Crowe's custom bed, it was shipped to his 320-hectare property in Nana Glen, near Coffs Harbour. Woodworker Peter stored the off cuts of the stunning New Guinea Rosewood in his shed in Grafton NSW. Upon a chance meeting with Lathe & Chisel Peter donated his celebrity timber offcuts to our small business to share a little piece of an Australian history with the rest of Australia.

So if you'd like a piece of Aussie heart throb Russell Crowe's and the absolutely delightful Meg Ryan's bed, you are invited to custom order a pen from this special, limited edition New Guinea Rosewood. It comes with a story card authenticating its Australian celebrity link. Buy a slimline pen in PNG Rosewood here.

New Guinea Rosewood is a rare, exotic hardwood that grows in Southeast Asia and has a fragrant aroma. It is beautifully figured and can vary in colour from yellow to golden brown to red or rose. Our piece of PNG Rosewood timber has pink tones.


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