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Fountain pens tend to be thought of as an unconventional choice for everyday writing, and are sometimes shrouded in mystique, but they are insanely popular with very loyal enthusiasts. So what's the big deal?

1)You learn and retain more when you write with a fountain pen. In three studies, students who took notes on laptops performed worse on conceptual questions than students who took handwritten notes, and laptop note takers’ tend to transcribe lectures verbatim rather than processing information and reframing it in their own words. Handwriting is great for your brain.

2) Writing with a fountain pen is a satisfying tactile experience, you can feel the fountain pen nib as it creates a faint but pleasant physical ‘scritch’ on the paper. Using the finer things in life just gives you a certain feeling, it's a feeling of satisfaction and style, a pleasurable feeling that life is good and you will be OK.

3) Slow living: writing with a fountain pen forces us to write in a considered manner; to slow down, creating space amongst the busyness to ponder, process and plan.

4) Ink choices: fountain pen inks have a distinctive sweet, earthy smell and there are hundreds of ink colours to indulge in.  Their depth of colours is unrivalled.  Warning: collecting fountain pen inks is addictive. Brisbane locals buy your inks here.

5) Fountain pens connect us with history: Many fountain pens have been meticulously maintained and passed down in family generations, creating a legacy.  Rahul Ganguly, a 30-year-old publishing house editor in Delhi says “When you’re using a pen with some history behind it, like my Second World War-era Sheaffer Balance, the mundane can often become extraordinary.”

6) There is unrivalled beauty in the workmanship of a handmade fountain pen. Most fountain pen collectors get a physical reaction from the beauty of their pens, it is pleasing to the eye and the hand.

7) Beautiful pens inspire beautiful writing.  It can actually up our penmanship!  Writing properly with a fountain pen slows our writing down. The decrease in speed can  indirectly make us write each letter more carefully.  Fountain pens can decrease the likelihood of smudging as water is the basis of fountain pen ink and dries fast. The clear gel that keeps ballpoint ink from drying out inside its tube also keeps the ink from drying quickly on paper. 

8) Fountain pens tend to be unique and highly adaptable. There are thousands of colour options, body materials and shapes, nib designs and different filling systems and ink colours. Solid gold nibs actually adapt to your writing style via your nib choice and writing angle. We all love things that are unique to us, emphasise our personality and show our personality. Custom timber pen orders are our speciality and we'd be pleased to design and turn you a bespoke pen. You can even supply your own wood that holds precious memories.

9) Fountain pens leave a smaller footprint in landfill. You can choose either fountain pen cartridges or a converter, but a well maintained fountain pen will last a very long time. They can be passed from generation to generation.

10) Longterm, fountain pens are more economic, leaving more money in your pocket. Basically, you really need to experience a fountain pen, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the ease which you will begin to develop your own distinctive writing style and engage in a delightful penmanship experience. There is no finer writing instrument than a fountain pen, and no greater writing delight than a handcrafted fountain pen. It can take a short while to adapt but once technique is grasped, fountain pens are a life long love for many people. Enjoy!


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