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Warm Regards Rochelle and Brad (formerly Lathe and Chisel)

 Every Lathe & Chisel timber product has our fingerprints on them. Every wood item that started as just an idea, is meticulously handcrafted in our local workshop. Our design and creation process includes every timber piece being scrutinised individually.  Every cut is carefully incised to ensure the grain, colour and clarity of the wood is highlighted.  Sometimes the 'imperfect' bits are what makes them beautiful. We endeavour to recycle and reuse every timber off cut so there is minimal wastage. The wood is sanded until it feels like silk to the fingertips and the fresh shine and finish delights both the eye and the fingertips.

We work with timber by hand because we love helping the wood tell its story.  We love that our products are often carefully chosen to be handed down within families as a lasting legacy.

We are passionate about the handmade industry and we love that our products have fingerprints on them.  We are so grateful and humbled for the outpouring of support we have received from our family and friends, market shoppers, fellow stall holders and all the Lathe & Chisel followers on Instagram and Facebook in 2016.  We thank you.

We are excited that a new year brings fresh opportunities.  We have plans to bring you new fine wood products while continuing our outstanding customer service in 2017 and beyond.

Cheers for the start of 2017, may this year be one full of stories,

Brad and Rochelle


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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia