Parker Style Pen Refill:Blue

    This quality Parker style pen refill fits many of our bespoke pens including: Sierra pens (click and twist style), stratus pens, executive pens.

    This is a quality pen refill and the blue ink flows consistently for a smooth writing experience.

    This pen refill is easy to replace:

    For the sierra twist and executive, simply pull gently on the lower part of your pen where the timber meets the metal fitting. It will slide apart using a small amount of pressure.

    For a sierra click style pen, simply unscrew the pen fittings by unscrewing where the timber meets the black front/nib end of the pen. It should unscrew easily and does not need to be forced.

    3 Pack of blue Parker style refills available here.

    Single black Parker style pen refills also available.


    • AUD$4.00


    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia