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Slimline Wooden Pen - Story Wood - New Guinea Rosewood

    Story Wood Collection: Timber Off Cuts from Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan's bed - New Guinea Rosewood

    This is a pen with a celebrity story. This pen is made from some New Guinea Rosewood timber off cuts from Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan's bed. A local Australian master craftsman named Gary was commissioned to custom make a timber bed for Russell Crowe who was romantically involved with Meg Ryan at the time (1999 - 2001). Gary stored the off cuts of the stunning New Guinea Rosewood in his shed in Grafton NSW until meeting up with Lathe & Chisel and donating them to our small business. Thanks Gary. We will include a print out of the story wood with your order.

    New Guinea Rosewood is a beautifully figured and richly coloured hardwood from South East Asia. The heartwood is either a golden brown colour or a dark blood red, the timber in this pen is a lovely rose colour. The natural uniqueness in the woodgrain and timber colour variations, means that each wooden pen we create is one of a kind.

    The timeless, sleek design of the Slimline pen is unsurpassable. It rests lightly in the hand and writes beautifully. This Slimline  has gold fittings and features a high quality, smooth, twist mechanism. It takes a standard cross style pen refill and comes with a quality black ink refill. You can purchase additional quality cross style pen refills below.

    This Slimline wooden pen is created by an artisan who hand turns each pen on a wood lathe in North Brisbane. Using a meticulous thirteen step sanding and polishing process and 10 coats of CA we highlighted the simple, innate beauty of the timber and create an exceptional, super glossy and durable finish.

    This pen comes standard in a protective velvet pen sleeve. You can add a quality black presentation box or an engrave-able timber pen box below.

    Need a gift set? A matching timber pencil or letter opener will highly compliment your Slimline pen. Contact us for a custom order.

    Want it personalised? We personalise timber pens, pencils and wooden pen boxes. Type the exact word or initials needed along with your font suggestion in the text box provided to a maximum of 25 letters and spaces. We will contact you to confirm your engraving prior to it being laser engraved. Please specify if the pen engraving is for a left or right hander.

    Would you like it gift wrapped and posted direct to someone? Add the name and address of the receiver in the text box, we will gift wrap and send on your behalf. The package will include the senders name (yours) but will not include an invoice.

    We are handcrafted Australian timber pen specialists. We would be pleased to design and turn you a bespoke timber pen, pencil or wooden letter opener. You can even supply your own wood that holds precious memories.

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