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Australian Timber Pen Blanks 2 - Mixed Pack of 5

    This is listing number 2 for a mixed pack of 5 quality Australian timber pen blanks. We have carefully selected this mix for their diversity of colour and beauty. The blanks are 120mm x 18mm x 18mm (sometimes they are slightly larger, but never smaller than the stated dimensions). The pen blanks are dry, they are not enclosed in wax.

    (Left to right) This pack contains tassie oak, red cedar, jarrah, silky oak and black wattle.

    Please message or call us if you would like a custom mix of timbers, different size blanks or a 5 pack of the same timber.

    These blanks could be used for pen making, jewellery, wood carving and other fine woodwork and hobbies.

    • 16.00


    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia