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Stratus Pencil - Sapphire Blue Acrylic

    The Stratus pencil has a sleek and modern form, with great balance for a superior and comfortable writing and drawing experience. It is perfectly weighted and ideal for the desk, workshop, drafting table or studio. 

    Our sapphire blue acrylic features swirls of metallic blue powder within a stunning blue acrylic. This acrylic shimmers in the light and is really stunning. We are proud to support fellow Aussie artisans by adding this Australian made blue acrylic blank to our range.

    This is a bespoke pencil for discerning teachers, architects, artists, writers, poets, journallers, list makers and note takers. Each acrylic pencil we create is one of a kind. This acrylic pencil is created by an artisan who hand turns each pencil on a lathe in North Brisbane. Using a meticulous thirteen step sanding process, we highlight the blue acrylic and create an exceptional and durable finish.

    The classy and functional stratus mechanical pencil features quality chrome fittings. It has a heavy-duty, sturdy and reliable 2mm lead which makes it perfect for your desk, workshop, drafting table or studio. It includes an eraser and sharpener in the cap plunger and a 2mm pencil lead. The top, when unscrewed from the pencil, features an internal sharpener to renew the point. You can buy additional pencil leads below.

    This pencil comes in a protective sleeve. You can add a quality black presentation box, or engrave-able timber box below.

    The Stratus is also available as a pen. A matching bespoke timber pen and pencil makes a lovely gift set. Contact us for a custom order.

    Need it gift wrapped and posted direct to someone? Add the name and address of the receiver in the text box, we will gift wrap and send on your behalf. The package will include the senders name (yours) but will not include an invoice.

    We are handcrafted Australian timber pen and pencil makers. Custom orders are our speciality and we'd be pleased to design and turn you a bespoke timber pen or pencil. You can even supply your own wood that holds precious memories.

    The Stratus pencil makes a great gift for: Creatives, artists and designers, architects and draughtsman, tattoo artists, illustrators, planners, list makers, graduation gift, teacher gifts.

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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia