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The Boss Wooden Fountain Pen - Story Woods - Spalted Silky Oak Timber

    Story Wood - Spalted Silky Oak 

    The Boss fountain pen has exemplary design. The strength of rhodium is combined with handcrafted 22k gold castings and the warm charisma of timber to create an inspired writing experience.

    This pen is handcrafted from timber with a story: Spalted silky oak timber. Spalting is a valued wood colouration process caused naturally by fungi. Spalting increases the contrasts of light and dark colours in the timber and makes brown and black lines running through the wood appear. This timber was grown on a beautiful block of land in Grafton owned by our family. The silky oak tree fell due to natural causes and lay undisturbed in its bushland habitat enough years for the spalting process to begin. Several logs were carried on the shoulders of a man in a flannelette shirt and leather work boots and strapped onto the roof of a Toyota Landcruiser to the north-side of Brisbane. The natural uniqueness in the woodgrain and timber colour variations, means that each wooden pen we create is one of a kind.

    The Boss is handcrafted by skilled wood artisans using meticulous precision and flair. The barrel and cap are hand-lacquered and polished to a high sheen. The timber is a striking contrast to the corrosion resistant rhodium plated fittings. The tough iridium German nib has 0.5mm of writing width and the cap is non-postable. 

    This fountain pen accepts international standard ink cartridges and comes with one sample black ink cartridge. Additional cartridges can be purchased below. An environmentally friendly piston converter is supplied that can be used to refill your pen from bottled ink.

    This fountain pen is presented in a quality, black pen box.

    Need your pen personalised? We personalise timber pens. In the text box provided, type your personalisation to a maximum of 25 letters and spaces, and add a font suggestion if you have a preference. We will contact you to confirm your engraving prior to it being laser engraved. Please specify if the pen engraving is for a left or right hander.

    Is it a gift? We can wrap your pen and post it directly on your behalf. Add the name, address of the receiver in the text box, along with your personal message. We will gift wrap, add a card with your message and send on your behalf. The package will include your name and message but will not include an invoice.

    We are handcrafted Australian timber pen specialists. We would be pleased to design and turn you a bespoke timber pen, pencil or wooden letter opener. You can even supply your own wood that holds precious memories.

    The Boss fountain pen is the perfect gift for: Pen collectors, lovers of fountain pens, graduation gifts, entrepreneurs, birthdays, 5th wedding anniversary (wood), Father's Day, I love you, retirement, congratulations, corporate gifts, speaker gifts, or gifts for delegates.

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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia