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Warm Regards Rochelle and Brad (formerly Lathe and Chisel)

Our favourite timber to turn into pens are those with a story woven within their grain. If you missed Story Woods - Part 1 you can catch it here and you can find our current pens with a story here. Now let me tell you about Harold's armchair.

Harold from Tumbulgum, lived to be 100 years of age. He was a distinguished gentlemen who was born on the 11/11/1911, and family historians declare he was born at 11 o’clock. Harold was a respected and successful cane farmer in the Tweed District, who loved to watch the cricket from his armchair and grew cheekier with age. When Harold died, this beloved recliner was given to grandson Brad whose daughter Natalia (Harold’s great granddaughter), claimed the armchair as her own. It was Natalia’s special place to read, sketch and cuddle her cat until the armchair broke and was deemed irreparable. We have salvaged a very limited amount of timber from Harold’s recliner chair available to turn into custom pens, pencils and letter openers.

And how about a pen made from ironbark recycled from 100 year old supports from a railway bridge at Bogantungan? Bogantungan QLD, is 930 km north west of Brisbane and 350 km west of Rockhampton and is a town with an occupation of less than 10 people. Ironbark's hardness has it blunting our chisel, yet the heartwood being a deep dark red to red-brown with a fine texture, it makes a really lovely timber pen.


The Story Wood blog series will be continuing throughout this year featuring pens made from a golf stick, cricket bat, rolling pin, a couch, and a well travelled bookcase to name just a few. You can contact us for further details on our Story Wood Collection or check our stock here.

Pictures of Bogantungan by Steve. 


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