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Acrylic Fountain Pen - Frankie - Violet Crumble

    Colours of Australia Acrylic Pen Collection: Violet Crumble

    Frankie is unapologetically sophisticated. A statement pen oozing charm and promising an inspired writing experience.

    The Frankie features a modern gold plated design with a post-able faceted end cap in black. This well balanced pen has a German iridium nib for precision writing and uses easily replaceable international standard ink cartridges and comes with one black sample ink cartridge. It features an environmentally friendly piston converter that allows you to refill your fountain pen from bottled ink.

    The Australian made artisan acrylic featured in this fountain pen is violet crumble, a nod to Australia's iconic chocolate. Violet Crumble is a delicious, mind shattering choc coated honeycomb. It was first created in Australia in 1913 and has vivid purple and gold packaging. Our violet crumble acrylic features swirls of violet resin within golden amber coloured acrylic.

    This pen was created by an artisan who hand turned this pen on a lathe in North Brisbane. Using a meticulous thirteen step sanding process we highlight the spectacular colours within the acrylic. Each acrylic blank is carefully selected and features highly irregular colour variations, this means that each pen we create is one of a kind. You won't receive this exact pen, but you will receive a high quality pen turned from the same coloured acrylic blank: violet crumble.

    This acrylic Frankie fountain pen comes in a quality, black presentation case or you can add an engrave-able timber pen box below.

    Need it personalised? While we cannot personalise acrylic pens, we can personalise timber pen boxes. Type the exact word or initials needed along with your font suggestion in the text box provided. We will contact you to confirm your engraving prior to it being laser engraved.

    Would you like it gift wrapped and posted direct? Add the name and address of the receiver in the text box, we will gift wrap and send on your behalf. The package will include the senders name (yours) on a card but will not include an invoice.

    The Frankie is the perfect fountain pen for extroverts, chocolate lovers, those who love writing outrageous things and signing big cheques with a flourish.

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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia